Market Share

Established in 1990, Teknisa is a software solutions provider for the catering/food service industry. Presently, we are leaders in the Latin American market, with aim at extending our expertise to Europe and North America. With our systems working in about 3.000 companies, totalling about 15.000 systems sold, Teknisa provides agile software solutions to support business management. Structured to render the best IT services, we count on a team of professionals - customer support, IT analysts, consultants and instructors – highly skilled in the most advanced technology, in addition to our time-saving and cost-effective software implementation methodology.


Teknisa also counts on a quality standard department which is responsible for implementing, maintaining and monitoring the entire implementation process. By means of an ongoing improvement program that covers the whole business structure, Teknisa ensures greater obligation to the rendered services.



Information, organization and productivity.



Intelligent software and services for a demanding world.


Offer innovative information management sofware solutions for our clients' development.



Constantly improve our processes, products and services, thus ensuring the growth of Teknisa and the valorization of our clients and staffs.



To be a world leader in information management solutions for the foodservice/catering market.



For years, we have been listening to our clients about their technological needs, understanding and learning the nuances of their business. Through a persistent pursuit of providing them with complete satisfaction, Teknisa produces specific management solutions for each industry and makes a support team ready to serve any company or corporative demand.


Teknisa Culture

The concern with the professional growth of its employees makes Teknisa constantly invest in their qualification and education. Effort and vision of future were the main elements that helped us to create an ideal work environment. In addition to that, challenges and opportunities to follow a career have attracted individuals with high personal and professional concepts, capable of embracing the values and goals the founders established as priority: to achieve excellence in all undertakings; seek improvement of products and services and constantly invest in self-intellectual capital.


We count on a department which is responsible for the professional qualification of our employees. It aims at providing them with knowledge, stimulating the behaviours required to keep a good work process, getting the new employees adapted to the work environment and making all aware of the importance of self-development and continuous pursuit of improvement.


Our training program is based on the TNS (Training Needs Survey) which is the result of the Performance Evaluation, Relationship Research and Meetings with the company's leaders.


The requirements are:

  • Schedule;
  • Integration agreement;
  • Didactic material;
  • PPT (Power Point File Format/Extension) Presentation;
  • Response evaluation;
  • Proficiency evaluation.

At the end of each training, its efficiency is verified by evaluating the results from the response and proficiency evaluations.

The proficiency evaluation is a written test that covers the contents taught. In order to be approved, a trainee must attain at least 70% of performance.

The response evaluation aims at gathering information on the training by analyzing:

  • Instructor;
  • Knowledge about the subject;
  • Content of the course;
  • Auxiliary resources;
  • Organization of the course.

The starting points in Teknisa's commitment to clients are freedom and incentive for innovation of their company’s management. Our software solutions can fit into each company profile, according to its management method, thus ensuring higher control over its business.